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Veritas Vision – Dashboards for Retail

Veritas Vision for Retail is a next generation Dashboard solution for Retailers. The UK Retail market is set to increase in size by 15% over the next 5 years, taking its value to just over £312bn. However, this represents a slowing down of annual growth and with operating costs and the cost of credit due to rise, the retail sector faces challenging times. The credit crunch and rising global cost inflation have added a new dimension to the already challenging environment UK retailers face.

Retailers store huge amounts of transaction, buying, stock, performance and customer data. These are often stored in separate database across the service provider.

Data is often locked in various systems across the organisation and can be very frustrating, expensive and time consuming to access, collect and collate.

It is crucial for a Retailer to be able to view and analyse this data and key company and performance KPI’s / balanced scorecards in real-time to stay competitive and ahead of the competition.

Veritas Vision for Retail automatically pulls all of this disparate data together and presents it in an easy to understand visual way, delivering a truly holistic view of the company, its operations and customers.

Veritas Vision for Retail provides company, operations, revenue, stock, trading and customer information to the right people at the right time. It enables your organisation, at a glance, to visualise key performance, trends and risks early with unparalleled functionality; it takes Business Intelligence and offers you intelligent business.

KPI’s could include sales per hour; average sale per customer; gross margin per line/store; anticipation stock levels; waste levels; estate management; actual vs. forecast revenues; re-order point (ROP’s); refund/returns rate; footfall rates; stock loss and many more. All the data required to ensure your company minimises risk and maximises opportunities.

Veritas Vision for Retail is the business tool that delivers real-time analytics in the format senior staff and management want. It delivers high level summaries, with the ability to simply drill-down to whatever level your data supports.

Touch Screen Technology

Veritas Vision allows users to navigate information using just their fingertips through touch screen technology.

Touch Screen Gestures

Dashboards can be exported into PowerPoint® to make impressive presentations and Windows® Gadgets can be created to display information directly on computer desktops for real-time monitoring. Veritas Vision empowers collaboration, providing users the tools to annotate and discuss dashboard pages in a transparent and accountable manner.Veritas Vision provides an easy-to-learn design environment and a simple top-down design method. Quick implementation is a key feature and altering / re-deploying dashboard pages is as simple as a few clicks, simply drag and drop.  Its user friendly and attractive user interface will increase uptake and reinforce a culture of performance management.Veritas Vision includes geographical analysis with extensible colour coded mapping and Google and Bing map integration to place ‘facts on the ground’.Compared with other BI solutions, Veritas Vision gives users more flexibility and involvement in the development process, allowing for targeted solutions and more efficient reporting.

Live in 5

BI solution often take months, if not years to implement….

Not Veritas Vision. We have our clients up and running with a Dashboard that delivers real value in just 5 days. We’ll have you ‘Live in 5’.

Veritas Vision can retrieve data from many sources, including Microsoft® SQL Server® DB, OLAP Cubes, Oracle®, IBM® Informix®, TeraData®, DB2/400®, Excel® Files, Xml Files or through Web Services. Information from any and all of these sources can be integrated into one single dashboard.

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