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Veritas Vision Mobile for iPad

Tame Your Data

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With a growing trend to support mobile working it can be challenging for companies to ensure executives and managers have immediate access to information that modern business demands.

Veritas Vision Mobile empowers business leaders and decision makers, providing easy to understand real-time information anytime, anywhere. Information from multiple data sources is combined to deliver an intuitive cockpit of BI dashboards that can be quickly accessed on the move using an iPad or iPhone.

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Veritas Vision Dashboards - Windows Gadget Integration

Tame Your Data

Nothing overlooked

Veritas Vision is tailored to suit the specific and tailored analytics needs of individual users across an organisation. It is focused on being mobile and timely, providing access to dashboards and features in an instant; Windows® Gadgets can be created to display information directly on computer desktops for real-time KPI monitoring.

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Veritas Vision KPI Dashboard

Tame Your Data

Business Intelligence Simplified

Veritas Vision provides access to the true value of data, by presenting business information from multiple data sources within an intuitive, interchangeable, and highly engaging 3D cockpit of dashboards. Veritas Vision increases organisational agility through the use of seamlessly integrated current and historical data; providing the freedom to monitor a range of measures and key performance indicators (KPIs).

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Veritas Delivers:

  • Empowered organisation-wide decision making
  • Real-time, intuitive and interactive dashboards, KPIs and Analytics
  • Alignment of operations and corporate strategy
  • Informed and collaborative working, focused on supporting all part of the organisation

What Our Clients Say About Us

"Veritas reporting allows us to easily visualise performance. It enables us to truly understand our KPIs and is helping us to drive efficiency."

Roland Sinker
Executive Director of Operations

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Veritas Vision – 2 Minute Demo